Symfony is a powerful PHP Application Framework that Emagineers use as the main technology for many of our development projects.  Having worked with many different application frameworks over the years, we chose Symfony as it allows us to best meet our clients’ demanding needs. Symfony encompasses many of the best practices of software development by default, meaning we can build reliable and scalable applications faster and with less effort.


Having first surfaced in 2007 and now firmly into its second major release, Symfony has established a reputation for solid performance that gets the job done; with web giants such as Yahoo, Delicious and Drupal announcing that they have adopted the framework to develop their services.


Built on PHP5, Symfony embraces object orientated programming at its heart and encourages developers to build reusable components for web applications. This in-turn speeds up the development process and has the added benefit of reducing bugs through the reuse of tested and trusted code.  Emagineers have experience building and maintaining web applications in the various versions of the framework, including Symfony 1.2, Symfony 1.4 and Symfony 2 / 2.1.


Why did Emagineers choose Symfony PHP:


As London Symfony developers, Emagineers have designed, developed and delivered web applications using the framework including ECommerce Stores, Performance Marketing Systems, Social Networks and Content Management Systems . Our developers are members of the UK Symfony Php Framework Meetup Group, where we actively share and contribute technical knowledge with other Symfony developers in pursuit of building better world class web applications.


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