What is Magento?

Magento is an Ecommerce platform built on open source technology. Magento grew rapidly after it was released in 2007, primarily as retailers are freely able to determine the content, functionality and appearance of their websites. In 2013 Magento became the most popular Ecommerce platform on the web and is trusted by heavy hitting retailers and brands such as Nike, Lindt, mothercare, Bazzar, and  Rosetta Stone. Magento is owned and backed by Ebay.

Magento is written in PHP and uses the Zend Framework to create a complete suite of Ecommerce tools that retailers require to get online selling fast, including content management, marketing and merchandising functions. Much of this functionality exists “out of the box” and can be configured with minimal developer involvement.

Presently the platform exists as three editions to meet the needs of differing businesses based on their size and business model; Magento Go, Magento Community and Magento Enterprise.


Magento Go

For Start-ups or small businesses using SaaS

Magento Go runs Ecommerce stores on its servers and so no software is required; retailers simply pay monthly subscription fees to host their online store. This means that there are fewer features in comparison to the other editions; however, Magento Go is competitive with other hosted solution providers such as Shopify in terms of features and price. This edition also enables the use of extensions, though a smaller subset is available.

Magento Go performs relatively fast with a bandwidth of 5Gb. However, businesses who require the storage of a large number of SKUs (up to 10 000) will experience reduced speeds.

Industry security standards are met as Magento Go abides by PCI-DSS ensuring secure payments. Paying a subscription fee from £10 per month to £70 per month allows you to determine the capacity of the ecommerce store and the features available to you, and as Magento Go is SaaS, renting a web server and maintenance is not required.


Magento Community

For growing retailers or experienced developers

With numerous extensions to choose from, all features desired for your ecommerce store can be implemented using Magento Community.This edition performs relatively fast and with optimizations such as Light Speed, page loading time can be further reduced.

Magento Community does not originally meet PCI requirements as it does not include payment bridges, though it can be made PCI compliant using other systems.

The community version is free to download and use; however a web server to host the online store is required. To create a store that meets your specific needs as a business, you will likely want to hire Magento Developers or an Magento Agency who can fully utilise all services Magento has to offer.


Magento Enterprise

For large businesses

The Enterprise version not only can make use of the extensions available, but also comprises unique features including the allowance of private sales, gift registry and a loyalty system. This edition also performs extremely fast partly due to the Full Page Caching system already in place.

Magento Enterprise ensures secure transactions are made that comply with industry security standards; it uses the PA-DSS payment bridge and fulfils PCI requirements.

A license fee payable to Magento is required to use the Enterprise edition and a Magento Agency is usually required to implement and customise the store.


Why Magento?


Magento has the largest market share of Ecommerce frameworks. Magento is used by a quarter of the Alexa top one million websites

A large degree of customisation is possible through the admin interface, enabling the creation of an ecommerce store tailored to meet individual retailer’s needs for their consumers and employees

Magento is scalable to meet your exact business needs through providing the three editions; Magento Go, Magento Community and Magento Enterprise

One of the most powerful CMS for e-commerce stores

PHP Open Source technology enables flexible, custom-built solutions to meet your customers’ needs and allows for constant innovation

More than 50 payment gateways are available to best suit your products and customers

A Strong community of developers and frequent users exists who contribute to answering questions, the blog and the pool of plug-ins which are continuously evolving

Enables complex discounting and the use of vouchers during checkout. Pricing rules can be limited to products, customer groups, time periods and categories and include percent/fixed discounts, buy x and get y free and free delivery.

Cost efficient program as the three editions offer pricing suitable to ventures with different requirements.

Magento offers powerful reporting tools through the reporting suite which is integrated with Google Analytics to give full insight into the performance of the Ecommerce store and the capacity to run multi-variate tests.


Emagineers uses Magento to design, develop and optimise Ecommerce stores for retailers who have ambitious growth plans and want to optimise their shoppers experience and conversions. Our team of London Magento developers, designers and project managers are members of the London Magento User Group, having successfully delivered and optimised Magento stores for clients big and small.

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