Launched: Instajunction

15th October 2013 by dan hamilton

Ever wonder what happens when one of social media’s hottest properties meets ECommerce…? Answer: Instajunction.

Emagineers have created a brand new ECommerce experience that let’s Instagram users turn their photo’s into real life gifts and items.

Instajunction lets users of the worlds most popular photo sharing social network connect their accounts and upload their pictures from their computer or mobile to be printed on fantastic gift items such as necklaces, picture frames, polaroids and much more. For those customers not yet quite down with taking ‘selfies’ on their instagram, a standard photo upload is provided.

This ECommerce build was a particularly enjoyable project for Emagineers, with the job of integrating the site with Instajunction’s digitial printers providing just the type of unique challenge our developers relish.

Get your Instagram Photos turned into gifts over at Instajunction

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