Launched: Yapback iOS App

14th July 2012 by dan hamilton

It’s been a busy few weeks here at Emagineers HQ. We’ve been doing further work with ambitious startup Yapback to bring their concept to the Iphone as a dedicated app. To recap Yapback is a SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile) service that lets people ‘yap back’ at businesses to comment on the experiences they’ve had. What sets Yapback apart from the pack is that it makes this a 2 way conversation; the businesses you yap to are prompted and encouraged to address your feedback thanks to some clever tech trickery. After all, what’s the point in leaving feedback if no one’s going to hear it or do anything about it?
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How SMEs Can Harness The Power Of SoLoMo To Propagate & Grow Their Brand

9th July 2012 by Eve Wilson

Ask any marketing buff how businesses should be exploiting the internet to build their client base and four times out of five the first buzzword on their lips will be ‘social media’. Businesses should take heed; in theory, social media should be the one of the most effective ways of trumping the competition.  After all, signing up to the likes of Facebook and Google+ is a great way for companies to target prospective customers with individual-specific advertising, get in touch with would-be customers directly and benefit from the ‘domino effect’ (below) when members of social networks see their friends interacting with a company.  Realistically, however, there is no one-size-fits all marketing model for every brand.  While larger brands can count on a wide distribution of outlets or products, it might be harder for small and medium enterprises that only have one or two outlets or limited distribution to see the reward in investing capital into social media when most people will not always have access to their product on a day-to-day basis (and when they do, the chances are that they have plenty of friends who won’t!).  So how can SMEs harness the power of social media to reap the rewards that larger brands enjoy?  The marketing buff par excellence might reply ‘SoLoMo’.

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Launched: Linus Bags

20th June 2012 by Eve Wilson

Update 21st Sept 12:

We’re thrilled that the Linus Bags site has caught the discerning eyes of the style gurus over at the Guardian newspaper. They’ve today featured 2 of Linus products from the site as part of their Beyond the Velodrome Cycling Accessories article.

Original Post:

This week we’re switching the lights on for trending new UK brand Linus Bags, beginning with a website & e-commerce platform that went live today!  The Emagineers have collaborated with the team behind the bags to deliver a slick, intuitive Paypal-integrated service that lets the shopper nab their gear four easy steps.  We’re also giving Linus (who up until now have been the preserve of a handful of in-the-know East End hipsters) the chance to shout out to London with some great features in six handpicked fashion press award-nominated blogs and a huge social media launch (stay tuned for details!).

Check out the site here

Launched: Secure Affiliate

20th May 2012 by dan hamilton

Imagine you’re ready to conquer the world. You’ve recruited the best merchants and an army of affiliates to push your range of online products to the hottest markets across the world. How do you connect these pieces of the puzzle together to create a seamless marketing and affiliate network that’s going to take business to the next level?

Ask the Emagineers to shed some light and we’d point our torches toward our latest creation: the real-time performance marketing system Secure Affiliate.

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Launched: Yapback Mobile Web App

28th April 2012 by dan hamilton

Here’s one for the grapevine – we have just released our latest creation for Yapback, a team of Yorkshire entrepreneurs that have an ace up their sleeve for enterprising businesses looking to bring customers and that little bit closer.  The new Yapback HTML5 web app for mobiles gives customers the chance to blab about their experiences for any business, any time in any place. Yapback instantly feeds their comments to the business for them to address.  Music making Sally’s head swell?  Turn it down.  Jim can’t get enough of your crumble?  Now you’re cooking!  For the first time, businesses keen to prick up their ears and merchandise for the masses can respond to people power at just a click of the button.

Built with HTML5 and responsive design, any users with a smart-phone can enjoy the Yapback experience by simply pointing their mobile at the yapback site. Using geolocation technology, the Yapback app will find the businesses around you making it super easy to give feedback wherever you are.

Tune in to the good word at

Launched: ClaimChief

26th February 2012 by dan hamilton

So we’ve been busy here at Emagineers working once again with one of our oldest and most valued customers Dissolve Debt. In case you missed it we were last working with the DD team when we released into the wild the LeadLicker sales crm system. LeadLicker has been helping Dissolve Debt to build their sales operation in a period of rapid growth and the solution has evolved over the last few months to do even more. So naturally we were honoured and quite excited to be summoned once again to take on the new challenge of how to manage all the new clients that LeadLicker has helped generate.
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Launched: Leadlicker

19th December 2011 by dan hamilton

So helping our clients get the best out of their business is all in a day’s work for us, and we’ve been doing just that with the great team over at Dissolve Debt in Manchester.

This time we’ve been let loose on the very interesting challenge of how to help scale and optimise their burgeoning sales machine. A nice problem to have you could argue. And yes while we did some funky Lean Process Improvement with the team that will save a bunch of time, we’ve built some technology we’re pretty excited about:

Enter Leadlicker, Emagineers’ lead management system par excellence.

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