A Warm Welcome to our new Application Developer, James

15th June 2013 by dan hamilton

Having fought through a selection process twice as challenging as the apprentice and surviving gruelling rounds of gladiatorial coding battles with his weapon of choice (OO PHP of course), there was but one man left standing in our hunt to hire a new application developer: James.

James is the latest member to join the Emagineers development team, bringing with him a wealth of previous agency experience;  and crucially of course, circus skills. We welcome James to Emagineers and look forward to working with him.

Launched: Wine Vision

1st May 2013 by dan hamilton

We’re pleased to announce the launch of the Wine Vision 2013 event site.

Wine Vision is the premier event for the wine industry and the inaugural 2013 event in London promises to bring together the leading lights of the sector to inspire change to create a sustainable global wine business.

In collaboration with Double D Creative, Emagineers are proud to have developed the Wine Vision site and events booking application. Featuring full delegate sign up and event management features, the Wine Vision application is a complete solution catering for delegates, sponsors, event managers and speakers alike.

Check it out at:

Launched: TownFish

15th March 2013 by dan hamilton

We’re thrilled to pull back the curtain on our latest client creation: Townfish –  the social discovery network.TownFish helps visitors discover new and exciting ways to experience London and connect with people around them.
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Launched: Fittius

29th January 2013 by dan hamilton

We’re proud to announce the launch of Fittius, the site which helps people find their perfect workout in London.  Emagineers were tasked with bringing the Fittius service to life, handling the digital product development from concept through to launch.

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Is the Cloud Office a reality?

12th December 2012 by Eve Wilson

The Cloud. First, everyone loved it, then Steve Wozniak hated it, now everyone’s not sure if they love it or hate it but they want a slice of it anyway. These days it seems you can’t put one foot in front of the other in cyberspace without somebody trying to flog you something vaguely cloud related – and why not?

“Cloud Offerings” have moved far beyond just virtual machines in the datacentre in the sky that the IT guys look after, and now pervade the office and our personal lives in many shapes and flavours. But when it comes to doing business do they cut the mustard? Can you really run your business in confidence with tools hosted and managed by external providers over the net?
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3 Ways for SMEs to enjoy the Social Commerce cake

17th November 2012 by Eve Wilson

First a quick recap:

Social Commerce is a subset of ecommerce that involves using social media, other online media that supports social interaction, and user contributions to assist in the online buying and selling of products and services.”


Sounds great doesn’t it: you commission a Facebook page for your business, you get a gazillion likes, and the next thing you know someone from the Irish chaps group on X-Factor has mentioned your product in a tweet and all sales targets have been smashed. Yes finally you can retire; and maybe, if you have time between the long rounds of golf and finishing your biography, you’ll finally be able to do Dragon’s Den. All hail social commerce.
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Launched: Miloco Studios Bookings

19th October 2012 by dan hamilton

When the UK’s largest Recording Studio operator approached us with the challenge of how to handle their ever increasing volume of bookings and new recording studios, being music lovers we jumped at the chance.

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We’re Hiring PHP Web Devs!

15th October 2012 by dan hamilton

Emagineers are recruiting talented midweight PHP Developers to join our expanding creative tech company. Working in our relaxed Shoreditch London office positioned between the City and Silicon Roundabout, you will help build innovative applications and services for forward thinking clients who put technology at the heart of their business.

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New Home at Hoxton Mix

14th October 2012 by dan hamilton

Having waved a sad farewell to our Creative Cube HQ, the Emagineers have hit the ground running at Hoxton Mix, our new hometurf in Old Street.  With a flurry of new cutting-edge development projects firing up, we’re looking forward to soaking up the creative vibes surging through the building.  We’ve already stared to push a groundbreaking concept through the pipeline with a fellow Hoxton Mixer, so keep your advent calendars handy: we’re lifting the curtain on our first home-baked venture in the next couple of months.

Curtain-twitch at:

Launched: Drumdrops

17th August 2012 by dan hamilton

Here at Emagineers we are very pleased to announce that another fruit of our labour launches today after much hard work. Yes the new and improved Drumdrops producer music store is finally here.

Drumdrops is the serious resource for serious producers with over 300 royalty free dedicated multitrack drum tracks across a number of acclaimed albums spanning dub, disco, funk, rock and a host of other genres.
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