Magento Go and ProStores are folding; What’s next for your E-commerce store?

29th July 2014 by Yolanda Day

eBay is closing down Magento Go and ProStores, the E-commerce platforms which use software as a service. eBay invested $180 million in 2011 into the two platforms  which were originally designed to target SMEs (Small to Medium-sized Enterprises).

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Three Principles More Important to Your Project’s Success than Methodology

28th July 2014 by dan hamilton

What is the biggest determents of project success or failure? Here I will propose three factors that are more fundamental to a projects success or failure than methodology.
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Let the games begin; the phone on fire

20th June 2014 by Yolanda Day


Amazon has just released its first handset; the Fire Phone. Unique to the phone is its 3D perspective created by four face-tracking cameras on the front of the device which use Omron’s face sensing technology, in addition to four infrared LEDs which enable the device to continue to track movements of the face in low light conditions.

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Secrets of digital project success Part 1: The Discovery Phase

18th February 2014 by dan hamilton

You wouldn’t start a business without evaluating your market, you wouldn’t hire a manager without an interview, you wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint. Yet many organisations still launch digital projects without a discovery phase.

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How to use Discount Vouchers to Raise Your ECommerce Sales

22nd January 2014 by dan hamilton

Discount vouchers (or coupons if your on the other side of the pond) have been around for almost a century but  are often viewed by some online retailers with dismay.  Here we explore the benefits and limitations of using vouchers, and will explain how using the right strategies, vouchers can be used to effectively test and drive customer behaviour to directly increase revenue, profitability and loyalty without devaluing your retail brand.

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A Guide to Retargeting

15th January 2014 by dan hamilton

There’s a statistic that follows all online businesses, one that seems like a challenge, one that never fails to shock no matter how many times you hear it. The statistic?

“Only 2% of visitors to your site will buy on their first visit.”


This leaves an astonishing 98% of potential buyers that leave without registering, completing checkout or with no intention to return. Of course there’s many touted solutions, and today we’ll cover one that can target these 98% and give your Ecommerce site the best chance of tempting them back: Retargeting.

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The Secret Weapon of the Online Retailer – Remarketing.

7th January 2014 by dan hamilton

Remarketing is an ideal way to entice consumers back to your ECommerce store and promote a sale. We explore the best bits to help you make an informed decision about if it’s right for your marketing campaign.

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Christmas Comes Early: Vitali joins the team

18th December 2013 by dan hamilton

While other businesses are starting to wind down, we’re continuing to ramp up here at Emagineers as we welcome a new application developer to the team: Vitali.

A master of development and debugging and able to consume 17 cups of coffee in a single day, Vitali brings to Emagineers significant expertise in application and web development. We welcome him aboard and are looking forward to an even more challenging 2014.

Launched: Instajunction

15th October 2013 by dan hamilton

Ever wonder what happens when one of social media’s hottest properties meets ECommerce…? Answer: Instajunction.

Emagineers have created a brand new ECommerce experience that let’s Instagram users turn their photo’s into real life gifts and items.
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We’re hiring Web Developers and Designers

19th August 2013 by dan hamilton

We have roles open for passionate php web developers and web/ui designers.

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