Amazon Web Services (AWS)…

is a collection of remote computing services that together make up a cloud computing platform, offered over the Internet by the well known online retailer-

At Emagineers we use AWS to provide the infrastructure that our digital creations run on. Having  worked with many different hosting and infrastructure providers over the years, we chose AWS because it’s high performance, reliable, scalable and cost efficient.   You can understand why we were thrilled when Emagineers was selected by Amazon to become a official AWS Consulting Partner. The AWS Consulting Partner Program assures customers that Emagineers are experts at delivering solutions and consulting services of the highest calibre on the AWS platform.


 What is AWS?

AWS enables developers and web service providers to take advantage of Amazon’s enormous data center infrastructure in a pay per usage and highly scalable way.  It is in effect the technology equivalent of your rich neighbour letting you hire any of his cars – from the Mini to the Aston Martin –  on a ongoing basis, without commitment, at a generous hourly rate. To sweeten the deal he takes care of fuel and servicing also.

This means organisations of any size can deploy infrastructure and application services that enable virtually any solution to run in the cloud. AWS is used by businesses for everything from basic web hosting right up to powering some of the most popular and technologically advanced services on the web (such as NetFlix and FourSquare).

Two of the most popular Services provided by Amazon are EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) and S3 (Simple Storage Service):

EC2 provides on-demand computing while paying per hour for using virtual machine instances. EC2 instances can be obtained in many flavours and fired up in minutes, while allowing quick scaling, both up and down, as computing requirements change.

S3 is a storage solution that makes storing files easy and scalable. You never have to worry about running out of disk space or making multiple back-ups.

Why do Emagineers use AWS?

Emagineers use Amazon Web Services for both client work and to power our own business applications. We have used AWS on many projects and for different purposes, ranging from refreshing existing applications and reducing their running costs, to quickly prototyping new concepts, to scaling up high traffic heavy processing applications. In all cases the key benefits of using AWS are:


In summary Amazon Web Services provides a highly flexible solution for business of all sizes to run their web applications. As AWS experts we can help you realise all the benefits that cloud computing offers, delivering a solution that can be tailored entirely to your technical and commercial needs.  

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