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By 2014 the most common way to access the web will be by mobile device. We specialise in creating engaging user experiences that foster brand loyalty across the full spectrum of devices: mobile, tablets and beyond. Be it native IPhone & Android apps, to cross-device HTML5 web apps or mobile friendly responsive websites, we'll deliver the right solution to hook your audience.


We deliver business solutions that local and international clients use to transact efficiently with their customers, suppliers and counterparties, thousands of times a day. From card processing services to multi-country multi-system integration, we've got you covered.


Our E-Commerce solutions focus on maximising your customer conversions and order value. In addition to providing great ecommerce sites we handle search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), user experience (UX), online reputation and analytics so you can focus on what's really important: Providing the products and services your customers value.


Whatever your ambitions for the web, the Emagineers can help you achieve them. From establishing the right web presence with a new site design, to building and launching new digital products to the world, we've got the skills and experience to ensure you succeed. Our process marries cutting edge design with intuitive usability. We specialise in integrating and building functionality that gives you the winning edge and delivers tangible ROI.

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Secrets of digital project success Part 1: The Discovery Phase

Posted by dan hamilton on 18th February 2014

You wouldn’t start a business without evaluating your market, you wouldn’t hire a manager without an interview, you wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint. Yet many organisations still launch digital projects without a discovery phase. …

How to use Discount Vouchers to Raise Your ECommerce Sales

Posted by dan hamilton on 22nd January 2014

Discount vouchers (or coupons if your on the other side of the pond) have been around for almost a century but  are often viewed by some online retailers with dismay.  Here we explore the benefits and …

A Guide to Retargeting

Posted by dan hamilton on 15th January 2014

There’s a statistic that follows all online businesses, one that seems like a challenge, one that never fails to shock no matter how many times you hear it. The statistic? “Only 2% of visitors to your …