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As leading E-commerce experts, we build and integrate high performance online stores using the industry software Magento. Our team design, develop and support solutions that focus on maximising your revenue and that compliment your creative visions. We enable retailers to sell across multiple online channels, as well as provide E-commerce integration to a range of systems including Enterprise Resource Planning.

PHP Web Development

Whether your starting web construction or require development of your existing infrastructure, Emagineers can help. Our experienced team are passionate about achieving technical excellence and delivering business critical web applications whilst ensuring business results. Specialising in PHP and Javascript, we provide Web Development, Consultancy, Training and Support to enterprises.

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Magento Go and ProStores are folding; What’s next for your E-commerce store?

Posted by Yolanda Day on 29th July 2014

eBay is closing down Magento Go and ProStores, the E-commerce platforms which use software as a service. eBay invested $180 million in 2011 into the two platforms  which were originally designed to target SMEs (Small to …

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Three Principles More Important to Your Project’s Success than Methodology

Posted by dan hamilton on 28th July 2014

What is the biggest determents of project success or failure? Here I will propose three factors that are more fundamental to a projects success or failure than methodology. Agile and Lean methodologies are by no means …

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Let the games begin; the phone on fire

Posted by Yolanda Day on 20th June 2014

DamnGeeky Amazon has just released its first handset; the Fire Phone. Unique to the phone is its 3D perspective created by four face-tracking cameras on the front of the device which use Omron’s face sensing technology, …

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